Upcoming Events



February 17 - Whit Moorer, Potluck

February 24 - Stephen Glover, Potluck

March 3 - DVD

March 10 - Jim Eason

March 29 - Evening Service at church

March 30 - Evening Service (location TBD)

March 31 - Morgan Pinkerman

Ongoing Events

We have started collecting toiletries for our blessing bags for the homeless. Donations of travel-size soaps, shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes toothbrushes and the like will be collected throughout the year to be assembled at the Women's luncheon next Feast.

As part of the Infuse service projects for this year, we will be making crochet mats from plastic grocery bags. Volunteers are needed to help cut the bags into plarn (plastic yarn) and to crochet the "plarn" into mats. We are no longer accepting plastic grocery bags until we can process our stockpile.  Thank you for all your help in gathering the plastic bags. If you are interested in volunteering for the project, Please see Athena Sherwood or check us out at http://www.infusecgi.org/getting-involved/

The Atlanta Ladies are also crocheting octopi for preemies, since research shows the cuddly creatures help improve heart rates and breathing as well as encouraging infants to not pull out tubes and monitors. If you cannot crochet but would like to help, donations of soft yarns, like Caron brand, will be greatly appreciated. https://www.facebook.com/octoforapreemieus/

Upcoming Events

Apologetics Seminar - January 20


Holy Day Calendar 2018

New Testament Passover       3/29

Night to Be Observed             3/30

Unleavened Bread                  3/31 - 4/6

Pentecost                                5/20

Trumpets                                 9/10

Atonement                               9/19

Tabernacles                             9/24 - 9/30

Last Great Day                          10/1