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September 30 - Atonement services, Sermon by Ray Wendel

October 5-12 - Feast of Tabernacles

October 14 - No Local Services

Ongoing Events

As part of the Infuse service projects for this year, we will be making crochet mats from plastic grocery bags. Volunteers are needed to help cut the bags into plarn (plastic yarn) and to crochet the "plarn" into mats. We are no longer accepting plastic grocery bags until we can process our stockpile.  Thank you for all your help in gathering the plastic bags. If you are interested in volunteering for the project, Please see Athena Sherwood or check us out at http://www.infusecgi.org/getting-involved/ 

In addition to Making Mats, we are now also crocheting Period of Purple Crying Caps for the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome, which educates parents about the dangers of shaken baby syndrome and the normalcy of infant crying during the first few months of life. The Atlanta congregation has already crocheted nearly 60 caps. You can help by crocheting caps, donating skeins of soft purple yarn, and spreading the word about this cause. To learn more, go to http://clickforbabies.org/

The Atlanta Sabbath School is also collecting school supplies for the Atlanta Community Food Bank as part of their upcoming unit. A donation box will be set up every week week until through September to be donated and distributed to teachers in Atlanta's low income schools. Supplies need include Pencils, crayons, paper (filler and copy), glue sticks, scissors, folders, notebooks and composition books. To volunteer your time or learn more about the group, go to https://www.acfb.org/about/our-programs/kids-need#donate


Upcoming Events

Feast of Tabernacles - October 5th - 12th




Holy Day Calendar 2017

New Testament Passover        4/9

Unleavened Bread                  4/11 - 4/17

Pentecost                                6/4

Trumpets                                 9/21

Atonement                               9/30

Tabernacles                             10/5 - 10/11

Last Great Day                          10/12