********************** Praise and prayer requests****************************

Praise Report:

Mindy Derreberry was released from the hospital on December 6th. The condition was diagnosed as Erythema Nodosum, a deep skin inflammation that can be caused by certain medications or other medical conditions. She is grateful for the prayers and happy to be home.

Elisha Sherwood has requested prayers for her 23-year-old friend and co-worker Nathan, who was in a bad car accident on Thursday. He was airlifted to the hospital and his leg was amputated from the knee down. He was placed in a medically induced coma. Emailed prayers requests have been swiftly answered. Yesterday doctors removed his breathing tube and his vitals are good. He will need three surgeries, which can be performed at the same time. Then after a few days be moved from ICU to a regular room. It will still take time to adjust, for both him and his 3-year old daughter, but things could have been infinitely worse. Praise God.

Prayer Requests:

Anna Sherwood is asking for prayers for her old friend Diana Ditizzio who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Lisa Boyd, of the Memphis congregation, has asked for prayers for her mother. She had a pacemaker put in Thursday to correct an irregular heartbeat and the procedure seemed to go fine but now she is experiencing really high blood pressure and needs some healing prayers.

Ken Lash is still trying to get his cars working again. Please continue to pray for him.

Please continue to pray for Tice Lockett as he is still battling a cough and the chest pain it causes.

Max Baker needs prayers for an upcoming assistance hearing for his hearing.

Mike Rogers fell down some concrete stairs, bruising and possibly breaking his ribs. He is having a lot of pain and some difficulty breathing. Please pray for his swift healing.












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