********************** Praise and prayer requests****************************

Praise Report:

Eileen's son Lukas continues to do well as they work to integrate different foods back into his diet.

The Dettreys have a number of praise reports. Alexis has not suffered any seizures in the last 3 weeks. She is scheduled to see a specialist on the 20th. Eric’s sister Della, who suffered complications after an amputation surgery and was feared to be brain-dead is awake, alert and recovering well. She is off the breathing machine and has been moved from ICU. Eric's dog Icy was rushed into emergency surgery last Sunday due to an infected uterus but is home now and doing wonderfully. Moreover her biopsy has come back non-cancerous. Praise God.

Prayer Requests:

Emma Stallings has been hospitalized twice in the past weeks for low blood counts and suspected internal bleeding. Please pray for her.

Michael Lind, our newest member, has been suffering side effects from his intense treatment for colon issues and is in need of prayers for strength and healing.

Paul’s uncle, Gerald Brody, has been battling serious health issues and his prognosis is not looking good. Please pray for him and his family.

Ken Lash suffered a fall last week while at the hospital. This is the third time this year. Please pray for his swift recovery and a resolution to this problem.

Jaquelyn Burch has been battling health issues for some time. Please pray that God heals her soon.

Georgia Brown has been battling water retention and other health issues. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.


















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